what is the meaning?

What is the meaning of this life? What is what we need to do to make it worth living?

Maybe it is even when we didnt notice…

Do you think every single human in this world has a purpose? 

I do believe it … and right now I am trying to find now ..

I am sure not made to spend 9 hours in an office…

I wont say I am not happy… I am … I am happy …If I would rate it I would put it a 75 of 100. 

But that 25% hides the trully and fully happiness … but I dont know where it is hidden. 

I do have some clues, but I am still searching for what is my path.. I m sure the Lord has plans for me, I just need a sing…

Talking about sings,  have you ever asked God or the universe to give you a sign about what you should do?

I did it… and as improbable as it seems … He always gave me the same answers.

I am recapitulating this … maybe I have refused to do what I need to do …..

Yes, it is scary, but all the sings go to that path… Maybe I just should jump …

what am I waiting for? 

To be honest I do wait to receive my  money fund for work …

Every month an amount of my paycheck is saved by my company who adds a penny for every penny I saved, so in September I would have a good amount of money …what for? 

I do think of using it to quit …and and …

I still trying to figure out what to do …

I just need a new sign …and if it is the same ..I would have to do it …. even if everybody is against it ….


Post from the future



Pictures from the future… During my wedding :D

Oh yes! I remember Years ago, on the end of 2010 I think I wrote about how a fortune teller told me I would marry in 2013. I thought it was a fact since I also planned it as a goal for 2013…

Fuckeries, I didn’t happen and well …

Someday :) and If not… No big deal….  I’m not obsessed with that as before….

Lo que tenga que ser, será.

Long time

Its been a long time.

Before when something happened in my life I started thinking about how I would write about in my blog….that thinking came to my mind again.

I would like to say that since the last time I wrote many things have haplened /changed. All changed and nothing changed … Well, in fact all is the same. I have no big new to tell ….

That’s a shame, probably, or maybe its just life… The life I know…

I am here again …. No, no, I wont start to complain to be alone. I am happy, in fact. I know things could better, but things aren’t bad either.

I feel OK.
Will be blogging more often from now on.

Its been years… I can’t believe how fast time goes….

Seize the day!!!!!

no one around

Today again I got sad because of a message of my ¨father¨

I looked around to whom I can talk about it .. no one ..

I finished talking to three friends on Whatsapp.

I wrote hurtful words.

I didnt send it.

I calmed down and I wrote that his message made me feel sad. 

I dont know …

Maybe I should delete him definitely from my life.


Whats the point of someone in your life if he doesnt make you happy.

I want to be happy.

I know someday I will have the family I dream to have … and I know it might be not soon, but I am totally sure that God counts all our tears … :)

all will be ok…


it is time to be happy now and here … 

meeting with friends

Like a month ago I finally went out with my friends for my drink tea and for first time in my life I went bowling.

It was also invited a guy from work that was colleague classmate of Thriller, he is nice, but I don’t want to get him in my team activities anymore, lol.

Bowling was ok, I rocked, kinda!!!! Well, I did it so so. Tatiana did it much worse, lol.

After bowling and eating we went to watch cinema, and it was great I really enjoyed the movie and it was nice to go with many people to the cinema.

The bad part is that we were 7 in a small car, Pedrunk´s car. So, at night he would leave us in some metro a bit far from my house, and as the cinema is close home I thought it would be better to take a bus from there. After all, I had done it many times after visiting my dentist.

It was almost 10pm.. one friend offered to make me company but I refused, after all they all would arrive earlier to their homes in the metro.

I walked searching for a bus station and I realized no bus was comming. I kept walking. Suddenly at 10:30 pm I realized the bus was not going to come. 

They say the country is insecure and dangerous, so I was scared to take a taxi on my own… because of the stories of robs and kidnappings and who knows what…  also I didn’t see many taxis comming.

I decided to keep walking…. 

I walked about 30 minutes.

The streets were empty. No people were walking. and when I saw some people I didn’t know if I should be glad or worried. 

I had to take some huge bridge to cross to the other street. In the bridge thieves hides. This was a different bridge, bigger, darker, in the middle of many tall trees, anything can happen there and I doubt someone will notice it. 

I asked God help and crossed as fast as I could.

I was tired after all we did that saturday, but those 30 minutes I didn’t feel any tiredness I just knew I needed to arrive as fast as possible to home.

I made it home, thank God.

I got sad, because as usual I am alone …  less than one year ago I realized of this and maybe I will always be alone …who knows. 

maybe someday I will have someone to go home with again…  :) 

in danger?

Sometimes I feel I am in danger during my way to work …

Everytime more and more I feel I am not where I am supposed to be ..

I feel the bus will crash and I will end up dead as one of the guys in ¨The New Life¨ by Orhan Pamuk.

is there really a new life? can people leave everything as the boy in the book?

I guess such things just happen in books … 

but still, I feel unsafe in such bus, people that seems dangerous take it…. today the guy next to me smelled a lot to alcohol.

I guess I should drive now, or take a taxi even if its more expensive. 

I dont know.

I dont know anything.

I feel sad … 

Eastern ended. 

On the end of June there is a concert. I want to go, but I thought I wouldnt be here by that day, I probably will.

I said I have to go, bye. I feel as the girl in the book.

Why I should give explanations? 

Life is what it is. We are just mere instruments of life.


Since last Monday 26th I started feeling some pain in my feet specially while walking.

Now I think I feel it in both feet or maybe is my mind.

I will do some exercises I did when I was growing up and that I read are good for this.

I will see how this goes but I think I need to see a doctor cos it seems my feet needs support.