Post from the future



Pictures from the future… During my wedding :D

Oh yes! I remember Years ago, on the end of 2010 I think I wrote about how a fortune teller told me I would marry in 2013. I thought it was a fact since I also planned it as a goal for 2013…

Fuckeries, I didn’t happen and well …

Someday :) and If not… No big deal….  I’m not obsessed with that as before….

Lo que tenga que ser, será.

Long time

Its been a long time.

Before when something happened in my life I started thinking about how I would write about in my blog….that thinking came to my mind again.

I would like to say that since the last time I wrote many things have haplened /changed. All changed and nothing changed … Well, in fact all is the same. I have no big new to tell ….

That’s a shame, probably, or maybe its just life… The life I know…

I am here again …. No, no, I wont start to complain to be alone. I am happy, in fact. I know things could better, but things aren’t bad either.

I feel OK.
Will be blogging more often from now on.

Its been years… I can’t believe how fast time goes….

Seize the day!!!!!

no one around

Today again I got sad because of a message of my ¨father¨

I looked around to whom I can talk about it .. no one ..

I finished talking to three friends on Whatsapp.

I wrote hurtful words.

I didnt send it.

I calmed down and I wrote that his message made me feel sad. 

I dont know …

Maybe I should delete him definitely from my life.


Whats the point of someone in your life if he doesnt make you happy.

I want to be happy.

I know someday I will have the family I dream to have … and I know it might be not soon, but I am totally sure that God counts all our tears … :)

all will be ok…


it is time to be happy now and here … 

meeting with friends

Like a month ago I finally went out with my friends for my drink tea and for first time in my life I went bowling.

It was also invited a guy from work that was colleague classmate of Thriller, he is nice, but I don’t want to get him in my team activities anymore, lol.

Bowling was ok, I rocked, kinda!!!! Well, I did it so so. Tatiana did it much worse, lol.

After bowling and eating we went to watch cinema, and it was great I really enjoyed the movie and it was nice to go with many people to the cinema.

The bad part is that we were 7 in a small car, Pedrunk´s car. So, at night he would leave us in some metro a bit far from my house, and as the cinema is close home I thought it would be better to take a bus from there. After all, I had done it many times after visiting my dentist.

It was almost 10pm.. one friend offered to make me company but I refused, after all they all would arrive earlier to their homes in the metro.

I walked searching for a bus station and I realized no bus was comming. I kept walking. Suddenly at 10:30 pm I realized the bus was not going to come. 

They say the country is insecure and dangerous, so I was scared to take a taxi on my own… because of the stories of robs and kidnappings and who knows what…  also I didn’t see many taxis comming.

I decided to keep walking…. 

I walked about 30 minutes.

The streets were empty. No people were walking. and when I saw some people I didn’t know if I should be glad or worried. 

I had to take some huge bridge to cross to the other street. In the bridge thieves hides. This was a different bridge, bigger, darker, in the middle of many tall trees, anything can happen there and I doubt someone will notice it. 

I asked God help and crossed as fast as I could.

I was tired after all we did that saturday, but those 30 minutes I didn’t feel any tiredness I just knew I needed to arrive as fast as possible to home.

I made it home, thank God.

I got sad, because as usual I am alone …  less than one year ago I realized of this and maybe I will always be alone …who knows. 

maybe someday I will have someone to go home with again…  :) 

in danger?

Sometimes I feel I am in danger during my way to work …

Everytime more and more I feel I am not where I am supposed to be ..

I feel the bus will crash and I will end up dead as one of the guys in ¨The New Life¨ by Orhan Pamuk.

is there really a new life? can people leave everything as the boy in the book?

I guess such things just happen in books … 

but still, I feel unsafe in such bus, people that seems dangerous take it…. today the guy next to me smelled a lot to alcohol.

I guess I should drive now, or take a taxi even if its more expensive. 

I dont know.

I dont know anything.

I feel sad … 

Eastern ended. 

On the end of June there is a concert. I want to go, but I thought I wouldnt be here by that day, I probably will.

I said I have to go, bye. I feel as the girl in the book.

Why I should give explanations? 

Life is what it is. We are just mere instruments of life.


Since last Monday 26th I started feeling some pain in my feet specially while walking.

Now I think I feel it in both feet or maybe is my mind.

I will do some exercises I did when I was growing up and that I read are good for this.

I will see how this goes but I think I need to see a doctor cos it seems my feet needs support.