Grrrr the bus left us

So, I went off for Easter holidays.

After being worried about not getting permission from my boss, I did it.

I don’t know why I am so shy to ask for such things to my boss.

I must stop being shy.

Well, I left on Saturday. I didn’t care anything not even the course I was paying to learn to classify merchandise in customs (coz it sucked and it wasn´t worthy).

on Saturday evening, I had meal with mom and Charles in a very cool restaurant with toreros style. we ate lots of meat.

I was ready to go. 

I arrived to the place where our bus was waiting for us, but my friends weren’t there yet.

They finally arrived and we put our things in the bus.

We went to buy some supplies for our trip but we took so much time and when we went back to our bus.

The bus had gone … WTF!!!!??? We arrived on time, but we saw no movement so we told to the organizers we were going for supplies but they still left us. -_-

I quickly had the idea to take a taxi and catch the bus. We called the organizers and had a deal to meet near to a tollbooth. So we arrived and organizer told us “ohh a girl was pushing us to go saying Mexicans are always late”… I figured out the girl had to be one of the many Colombians that were in the trip …. grrrrr…. Colombians.

We finally were on the bus, with a plenty supply of beers and ready to a 15 hours trip to arrive… haha 


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